What is our vision?

2x-anders is a joint project of Barbara Hauer and Siegfried Brandstätter which includes our vision for the coming years and several goals.


Professionally, we have been involved in many interesting projects over the last few years - well over 10 years already, but I do not want to go into detail. We have written our dissertations and completed our doctorate. Now the time has come to take a break and to realize our private vision. To be honest, we wanted to set off for a longer journey years ago. However, various incidents caused delays, e.g. two knee surgeries, three hand surgeries, a 25-meter fall while ice climbing with a two-year injury lay-off, etc. Of course, we could have still just set off and take a look at the beautiful landscape and various sights. BUT that is not us. We want to adventure, but we also want to succeed by using our own strength. For us this means going out into the nature as often as possible and sometimes this can be a bit more extreme. Every now and then there can be twinges and pain, but surely this is the case for everyone who puts his heart and soul into something? The most important thing is to enjoy the things we do and to stay fully motivated. This joy in what we do and our motivation allows us to achieve sportive ambitions which others can only dream and read about. Therefore, our hikes are often approaches for climbing a route to a mountain peak which is unreachable for others. Or we simply choose a different route to a summit which allows new views and might be more demanding.


Simply drive off, do what you enjoy and stay as long as you like at a beautiful place. Sounds nice? We agree! This explains perfectly what we are about to do on our break and beyond. For this purpose we have customized our own vehicle, as well. At an impressive mountain with a beautiful face we just want to stop and find a route to the summit. At an ice fall where you think: “Wow, that is beautiful and impressive”, we want to unpack our ice tools and climb it. In a winter landscape, where we see a north face rising, we want to stop, approach with our touring skis and tackle the face. On a stretch of sand with turquoise-blue water we want to unpack our kites and enjoy kite surfing for as long as we like. We want to do all that in Europe, but also worldwide.


We gladly accept sponsorship since we need quite a bit of equipment and clothing. For example, some projects require special equipment for trad climbing and we have to replace ropes and protection gear periodically for safety reasons. If you are interested in sponsoring please send us an email or a message via Contact.

Articles and presentations

We are happy to provide articles and give presentations about our trips. We can also share stories from previous trips, such as climbing and kite surfing in Taiwan, climbing trips to Greece, Turkey, Italy, France and Spain or kite surfing in the Western Sahara. Please send us an e-mail or a message via Contact.