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Siegfried Brandstätter and Barbara Hauer
4155 Nebelberg Austria

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Information, experience reports and your own exclusively private opinion on topics.

Notes and disclaimer

2x-anders (German version) and 2x-different (English version) is a joint project of Barbara Hauer and Siegfried Brandstätter. The content published under 2x-anders and 2x-different have been created to the best of our knowledge and are protected by copyright. The information is for personal use only. Any commercial use and disclosure to third parties - even in part or in revised form - is prohibited without the express consent of Barbara Hauer or Siegfried Brandstätter.

Any liability for direct, indirect or other damages, regardless of their causes, is excluded. Due to the threats posed to all technical systems, no guarantee is given for the authenticity, integrity, correctness, appropriateness, completeness and availability of the information and all content provided.

Privacy policy

We, Barbara Hauer and Siegfried Brandstätter, are not interested in your data. When technically necessary, we use cookies (session cookies) for the duration of the session and during visits to the website in order to display the content of the website correctly and to make this service available and usable. Otherwise, 2x-anders and 2x-different do not collect or store any personal data, even if they are transmitted to us by your system or browser. We reserve the right to record, anonymously and without reference to a person, the number of visits per content. Any liability for the storage of data by third parties during the connection from your system to or is excluded.

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We offer to inform you about the start of a new trip by e-mail and to Contact us via the website. In order to do so, please send us your name and e-mail address and possibly a personal message via the form on our website. The data will be transmitted encrypted via an HTTPS connection by POST request and processed exclusively by the Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Ireland. All data is transmitted by us exclusively via encrypted connections and stored on encrypted hard disks. Access and processing is carried out exclusively by Barbara Hauer and Siegfried Brandstätter.

If you have any questions, please contact us because you have the right to be informed (Art. 15 DSGVO).

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Please report any conspicuous behaviour of our website, since it is the only way we can improve it.