Unscheduled departure
After a rest day we head on to the Badia Valley. Although we have planned to stay longer, the rapid spread of the corona virus puts a damper on our plans.

Ice climbing in Val Badia

09.03.2020 - Having a leisurely breakfast with Kaiserschmarrn, applesauce and coffee we discuss the plan for the coming day. We decide to use the day for recovery and to drive on to the Badia Valley in the late afternoon. We spend the night on the Gardena Pass at 2121 m above sea level. It is full moon and as the sky opens up, we can marvel at the breathtaking view of the mountain landscape.

10.03.2020 - The next day a rather short approach leads us to the next ice fall. We want to climb the line Schwert des Damokles (WI4+, 140 m). Due to the large amount of snow, we do not need ropes for the first pitch. Afterwards Richard works his way up to the ice pillar. It looks solid and we decide to try this variant. After rappelling we make our way down into the valley where Barbara is already waiting for us, unfortunately with bad news. Due to the rapid spread of the corona virus, Austria has decided to establish border controls for people entering from Italy the next day. To be honest, we have intended to stay longer in the Dolomites because the conditions are very good and for once the ice falls are not crowded. We see other people only from a distance. No people, no contact, no COVID-19. Nevertheless, the decision to cross the border into the valley of Vals on the same day is quickly made.

Overnight stay: N 46.549582, E 11.809247

Lessons learned

  • Political measures can quickly change plans.
Written by Sigi