Sport climbing in Setesdal
Setestal is known for its multi-pitch routes, but you can enjoy sport climbing here as well.

The journey is the reward

01.09.2019 - The scenery in and around Hardangervidda national park with its fjords, lakes, snowfields, glaciers and waterfalls is beautiful. We frequently stop, marvel and take pictures. The woods are full of mushrooms which we repeatedly collect for dinner.

Urdiviki in Setesdal

02.09.2019-03.09.2019 - At some time we reach the famous Setesdal. The many campsites in this valley are proof of its popularity. Near Bygland we find a small resting place which is separated from the road by a small forest and has a picnic area with toilets nearby. The view is terrific. There is also an old stone bridge with a disused floodgate built in 1915 which can only be passed by pedestrians.

We spend two days climbing in the area called Urdiviki. To be more precise, most of the time Sigi is climbing and I belay because the majority of routes is above grade 7a. Sigi is able to complete a 7b+ route on the second attempt even though he does not prefer overhanging climbing on slopers. In addition, he still has pain in his hip and hamstring. Certain moves are limited or not possible at all. I can climb a few 6b routes. The climbing area is great anyway and the view is amazing. We enjoy the days in the sun and can climb at very pleasant temperatures. It is noticeably cooler than in July.

Because of picking mushrooms, the hike back to Elmo always takes a little bit longer. We find a place with a lot of chanterelles. Thus, the evening activity is once again: cleaning mushrooms, cooking and preparing for the next day. We rarely eat before 20:30 and often there is little time left in the evening. We are usually too tired for the dice and card games we have brought along.

I miss the moon. It has not been visible for weeks. It is really dark because the stars are nice to look at, but only provide little light. In the night we need the headlamp as soon as we want to take a few steps.

Overnight stay: N 58.85055, E 7.75229

Lessons learned

  • The scenery is diversified and very beautiful.
  • On many roads in Norway you have to cope with large differences in altitude.
Written by Barbara