Bergen and the scenic landscape of Norway
On our journey along the fjords and through the national parks we marvel at the scenic landscape of Norway. We prefer this scenery over the sights of the cities.

Stopover in Natten


28.08.2019 - We spend the night at Slettafossen. We start rather late into the day, sort the climbing gear, invite Richard and Bernhard for blueberry pancakes and discuss the events of the previous day as well as further plans. Sigi and I decide to drive to Bergen with a stopover for climbing in Natten.

Overnight stay: N 62.3248, E 8.0782

Trip along nature parks

28.08.2019-29.08.2019 - After a few hours we know why the satnav indicates such a long travel time for the few hundred kilometers. One mountain after another we have to drive up and down. We discover beautiful landscapes, national parks and areas which are prepared for both summer and winter tourism.

We spend the evening comfortably and very quietly on a hidden resting place in the middle of the dense forest where the ground is covered by moss.

A small natural monument, called Ridderspranget (The Knight’s Leap), can be reached from the parking area within a few minutes. It is a river with a small gorge and it is said that a knight jumped over it while fleeing from his enemies. They could not follow because otherwise he would have pushed them into the raging river. The reason was of course the love for a woman/princess.

On the way past Oppdal to Natten we pass several sheep slowing down the traffic. They use the road as a convenient trail and are basically roadworthy. However, some like to sunbathe on the road and thus block it.

Overnight stay: N 61.68384, E 9.07422

Climbing at Natten

30.08.2019 - The climbing area Natten is located a few kilometers from Geilo on the Rv7. Unfortunately, the weather is rainy for a few days and we have to use the rain breaks for climbing. In light drizzle Sigi starts climbing. The routes are short and rather hard. Sometimes it even seems as if holds have broken. It is likely because a German climber, who is climbing a neighboring route, suddenly pulls off a hold.

After climbing we pick some mushrooms for dinner and head for the mountains. We spend the night on a high plateau along the road. The wind blows cold and almost stormy over the land.


31.08.2019 - On our way to Bergen we pass Eidfjord, Hardangerfjord and other areas known for their scenic beauty. One must really admit that in this case the journey is the reward.

We park a little outside the center of Bergen and the first thing we encounter is a place for drug trafficking near a social welfare station. Not the best first impression. We cross the bridge to the center and head on to the famous Bryggen district. It is known for its colorful old houses along the harbor. Those are really quite charming, but we had imagined the area to be somewhat bigger. We skip the festival, which is taking place at this time of the year, and explore the harbor instead. We have a look at old sailing ships, some old timers and old fire engines. We recommend visiting the park at the historical museum and the Church of St. John.

Overnight stay: N 60.64691, E 6.10155

Lessons learned

  • On the map a road may look like an almost straight line, but in reality it may cover large differences in altitude.
  • The perspective shifts in time: While day tourists walk the few minutes on the beautiful forest path in full gear and sturdy hiking boots, I think about whether shoes are necessary or flip flops are adequate. In light drizzle the rain jacket is not unpacked, specially not if there is a short rain break.
  • The driving speed should be adapted to the number of sheep on the road.
Written by Barbara