Climbing and hiking
Barbara and Sigi explore the Monte Formin, but in different ways. Barbara hikes with Monika alone a trail to the Forcella Giau below the mountain while Sigi climbs with Richard a beautiful route to the summit.

Sun at a pleasant 20 degrees

08.07.2020 - The weather is stable with sunshine and pleasant temperatures around 20 degrees. We need to take advantage of that. Late in the eve Richard and Monika also arrived in the Dolomites. Despite tiredness Richard wants to climb a moderate route to get used to the Dolomite rock. Therefore, Sigi and Richard set off in the early afternoon to climb the route Re Artù (6c, 10 pitches) on the south face of the Monte Formin. Barbara and Monika start at the same time, but a little more relaxed with Monika’s two dogs. All of us have to take the trail to the Forcella Giau first.

Climbing on perfect rock

Sigi and Richard are eager to get to the start of the route since it has ten pitches and it is already afternoon. Quickly they hike up to the wall base of the Monte Formin. Even the easier pitches of the route Re Artù are steep, but they offer good holds. On the more difficult pitches you have to pull a little harder. The protection is very good and the rock is so grippy and solid throughout the route that climbing is a delight. Sigi and Richard are especially thrilled with the variety of climbing.

From the summit of the Monte Formin you can descend by rappelling into a gully. Not the most beautiful descent, but not really bad either. Afterwards you can follow the hiking trail back to the parking area.

Hiking up and down, twice

The hike to Forcella Giau is very pleasant. The trail follows the hillsides of the valleys. If you do not choose a trail around one of the mountains, you have to tackle a few metres of altitude on the last hillside up to the plateau. The plateau glows in lush green and there is even a small mountain lake. Absolutely idyllic.

On the way back we take a short break on a mountain meadow between gentians and other beautiful wild flowers. Since we chat a lot while walking, time flies by. Once we arrive at the parking area, Monika notices that she has left the dog leash at our resting place. Unfortunately, this spot was quite far up. Since I am fitter, I just take some water and some dried fruits before setting off again. Using the GPS track on my watch I find the exact spot where we had a break and the leash is indeed there. A little while later I am back at the parking area and can finally treat myself to a coffee.

Lessons learned

  • If you do a short hike twice, it is actually a long one. Good for your fitness.
Written by Sigi